WEB & Mobile Engineering

IDEALCODE.dev was founded by an engineer, who has worked 15+ years as a senior full-stack developer / architect / tech lead with various complex and large-scale projects, that had hundreds of millions in annual revenue. Each member of our team is chosen precisely and has not only a lot of experience with the best frameworks and languages, but also knows what tech stack is best for your project.

We build MVPs to scale

The most common mistake is to build MVPs as fast as possible and not to think about future. We design architecture the way It could be as scalable as possible without time-consuming refactoring of the code, when additional features come or users base starts to increase exponentially.

We hire only senior engineers, because only they are able to design architecture, which will be scalable in the future and handle any additional and complicated features.

We work with the best-in-class tech, which allows us to build projects not only rapidly and bug-free, but also cost-efficient, because the high-end tech we use and middleware we created allows us to reuse up to 80% of code. We choose technology and innovation. The bigger your project (i.e. Web App + Mobile App + Back-End SaaS), the more we can reuse, the more you can save.

Our engineers work closely with QA pros, designers and especially product owners to make sure, that the most value is being generated in the process.

Technologies we use

  • Angular - The modern web developer's platform
  • Flutter - Build native apps for any screen
  • Ionic Framework - The Cross-Platform App Development
  • Docker: Accelerated, Containerized Application Development
  • Kubernetes - Production-Grade Container Orchestration
  • BrowserStack - World's Leading Testing Tool
  • Symfony - Symfony, High Performance PHP Framework for Web Development
  • Sylius - Open Source Headless eCommerce Platform
  • Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment.
  • Cloud Computing Services - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Elastic - Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. Securely and reliably search, analyze, and visualize your data.
  • Microsoft Azure - Cloud Computing Services
  • NestJS - A progressive Node.js framework
  • MongoDB - cross-platform document-oriented database program
  • MySQL - database for next generation web, cloud, and communications services
and many more.

Ensuring quality through automation

A lot of years of experience of handling complex projects let us move faster, make fewer bugs and guarantee the code we ship is the best we can make. We automate as much processes as possible in order to avoid any possible human mistake. Planes fly on autopilot - just like most of our processes do.

Some strategies we use:

  • Visual regression testing on every commit
  • Testing every possible request
  • Automated code checks, tests and deployment
  • Automatic recovery of environments in case of any failure

Skyrocket your idea
with our Starter Kit.

Our starter kit consists of many components designed and created during 15+ years of our professional experience. We can minimize not only the cost of the project, but also the time to deliver your MVP.