Reactive engineering.
Custom solutions.

  • Specialized in building custom Web and Mobile Apps.
  • 15+ years of pro experience.
  • Small company with a big focus on client needs.
  • Based in Vilnius, Lithuania 🇱🇹
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Services we provide

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Why us?

  • Rapid MVP

    We can start building your project ASAP. We have tons of pre-made components to speed up the process.

  • Fixed Price

    You will know the price and delivery time for every functional requirement and never pay more. Even less if we build It faster than expected.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    You won't pay for the time spent fixing bugs if any are made. That's our responsibility to make a good code.

  • Saving Clients' Time and Money

    Time is money. We use reactive engineering tech, that requires less coding, less maintenance, less time to build. All of that evaluates to significantly cheaper and faster delivery & support.

  • 15+ years of experience

    We are a small custom software engineering company, which has a team of senior developers, designers and QA engineers from Lithuania.

  • Small company, Big projects

    Because we are small, we have a big focus on client needs. Our projects serve more than 1M+ active users. Our clients earn more than € 30M+ every year.

Technologies we use

  • Angular - The modern web developer's platform
  • Flutter - Build native apps for any screen
  • Ionic Framework - The Cross-Platform App Development
  • Docker: Accelerated, Containerized Application Development
  • Kubernetes - Production-Grade Container Orchestration
  • BrowserStack - World's Leading Testing Tool
  • Symfony - Symfony, High Performance PHP Framework for Web Development
  • Sylius - Open Source Headless eCommerce Platform
  • Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment.
  • Cloud Computing Services - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Elastic - Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. Securely and reliably search, analyze, and visualize your data.
  • Microsoft Azure - Cloud Computing Services
  • NestJS - A progressive Node.js framework
  • MongoDB - cross-platform document-oriented database program
  • MySQL - database for next generation web, cloud, and communications services
and many more.

Skyrocket your idea
with our Starter Kit.

Our starter kit consists of many components designed and created during 15+ years of our professional experience. We can minimize not only the cost of the project, but also the time to deliver your MVP.