E-commerce & Omnichannel Retail

We work only with best-in-class technologies, that allow us to write less code, automate processes and share the same codebase with different platforms. Innovative technologies let us reuse up to 60% code and ship your MVP fast, bug-free, and cost-efficient.

Our framework

10+ years of creating e-commerce products have given us solid experience in this industry, so we created a custom-made framework. With our proprietary software we focus on omnichannel services, that implement multiple technologies (i.e. business intelligence & data science, predictive analytics, and integrated commerce back-office systems) to deliver a competitive edge.

  • High performance: 3-5 times faster page speed

    A page loads instantly and saves data in the browser cache at the initial run. Customers enjoy 3-5 times faster page load speed, smoother product search, and checkout (compared to traditional Webs).

  • Same codebase for Web and Mobile App

    Your Web and Mobile App shares common components (product catalog, tracking, checkout, etc.). Writing less code means saving you money and delivering features faster to both Web and Mobile App.

  • Get closer to customers

    Significantly boosts the most important metrics that determine your rank in the Google search engine like the first input delay or loading performance.

  • Better customer experience with less cost and effort

    PWA technology enables cross-browser compatibility to deliver a truly app-like experience in the browser. Shared codebase between Web and Mobile reduces project cost.

  • Scale with confidence

    Your PWA website connects to backend via API. No more restrictions in customize or add features to your sites.

  • Delight your customer with omnichannel strategy

    Website integrates with your POS for a consistent brand experience. For both online and in-store, your customers get to enjoy fast checkout and flexible loyalty programs.

  • Support multiple store views, languages, and currencies.

    Customers can choose to view your website in their preferred languages. Become customer-centric and provide comfortable shopping experiences to them.

  • Stability under poor connectivity

    Works well even with low wifi signals or slow 3G networks. Your website also runs smoothly in offline mode.

How We Support

The technology is like a flowing river. Operating Systems like Linux, iOS or Android keeps updating, frameworks implements better features, that improves performance or simplifies processes. We use the best technology existing on the market, that has long-term support by major supporters like Microsoft and Google. These companies have our backs and we can guarantee a flawless maintenance and evolution processes of our projects.

  • In case of any critical incident we respond and start working in 1 hour
  • Response time for non critical incidents is per agreement with a project owner
  • We monitor your system and respond to issues in real time as they arise
  • We use top cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure, that provides fully-featured support of the servers
  • Automated system health checks
  • Automatic recovery of environments in case of any failure
  • Weekly and monthly maintenance of the system

Skyrocket your idea
with our Starter Kit.

Our starter kit consists of many components designed and created during 15+ years of our professional experience. We can minimize not only the cost of the project, but also the time to deliver your MVP.