First Steps

  • 4 weeks
  • Fixed price
  • Everything except the code
  • Product design & clear roadmap

What You Get

1st week

We bring different topics (developing, project management, design) together to figure out the target application that gets you to the market fast.

Customer Journey Mapping
Identifying Problems & Opportunities
High-Level Product Strategy
2nd week

Sketching of ideas, and validating wireframes with potential customers. First version of your product backlog.

UX Wireframes
Product Feature Prioritization
Design Strategy
3rd week

Bringing it all together. Finalizing product flows and roadmap.

Dev Cost Breakdown
Technical Recommendations
4th week

Wrapup. You will have a deeper understanding of the project's technical considerations and a clear roadmap to follow to build and launch.

Skyrocket your idea
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Our starter kit consists of many components designed and created during 15+ years of our professional experience. We can minimize not only the cost of the project, but also the time to deliver your MVP.