Building new Apps

We work only with best-in-class technologies, that allow us to write less code, automate processes and share the same codebase with different platforms. Innovative technologies let us reuse up to 80% code and ship your MVP fast, bug-free, and cost-efficient.

Building Hybrid Apps


There several possible choices for creating a Native App. If we have built a Web App for you, then we can reuse almost every component of your Web App and integrate It seamlessly into the Native App code. Depending on the project and budget, we will discuss with you to choose the right framework for your needs. The main & top-of-the-line frameworks to build Native Apps are Ionic and Flutter.


Ionic in the market is for ages, has a very supportive community and a big private company & community supporting and maintaining this framework. Ionic is built on top of Angular and that means we can flawlessly integrate every single component into a new Native App from your Website. It is very reliable and cost-efficient solution, because we are not making a new code and reusing the same we coded and tested many times before, when we were building a Web App for you.


Flutter is a high-end, fully-featured & stable framework created by Google to solve a lot of problems, that could not be solved by other frameworks like React Native. Flutter community is greatly expanding because of the architecture, strictly-typed & component-based nature. There a lot of advantages for using Flutter instead of any other framework or completely native code. The best part is that we can also reuse a lot of code we used to create your Web App, because Angular and Flutter are made by Google and both Web App and Native App can be written the same coding language. Flutter has a lot of features. With this framework we can build even a Website, Mobile and Desktop Apps, and even an App for for Car, TV or ant other appliance of the Smart Home. They will work flawlessly as they are intended to without breaking User Interface on different devices or after Operating Systems updates.

Ensuring quality through automation

A lot of years of experience of handling complex projects let us move faster, make fewer bugs and guarantee the code we ship is the best we can make. We automate as much processes as possible in order to avoid any possible human mistake. Planes fly on autopilot - just like most of our processes do.

Some strategies we use:

  • Visual regression testing on every commit
  • Testing every possible request
  • Automated code checks, tests and deployment
  • Automatic recovery of environments in case of any failure

Skyrocket your idea
with our Starter Kit.

Our starter kit consists of many components designed and created during 15+ years of our professional experience. We can minimize not only the cost of the project, but also the time to deliver your MVP.